Feedback from MAW Parents:

Thank You Card from a Parent:

“The Montessori at Westridge is our first experience with the Montessori Method and we couldn’t be more pleased!  Our son is two and tends to be reserved, preferring to observe rather than participate until he feels completely secure in his environment.  He is bright, but easily overshadowed in a traditional classroom or daycare.  The Director, Ms. Sandra, has a wealth of training and experience in the Montessori approach.  Her gentle assertiveness sets the atmosphere for the school.  Healthy lunches and snacks are served, rather than frozen or pre-packaged foods packed full of preservatives.  You’re welcomed to stop in anytime to watch your child’s classroom in action through the one-way mirrored glass (which I often do).  I can’t say enough good things about Montessori at Westridge!”

-Aubrey Marshall

“My two year old has been attending Westridge Montessori since opening, and we cannot believe how much he has blossomed in this short amount of time. He used to be very reserved, observant, and shy-not really one to engage with strangers or other children. Now, when I pick him up in the afternoons, I watch from the observation window before I walk in and I can see him helping the younger children, playing, talking and participating in the activities with the class. His vocabulary has grown exponentially since attending his classes, and is much more eager to practice and focus on his numbers, letters, colors and shapes. I could not be more excited about this opportunity for my son, and I am telling everyone I know about how great this school is. Thank you, Westridge! I truly believe that you are in the process of building lifelong learners!”

- Sherry James

“I can't express in words all the great things about the school, but I will try.
We are very pleased with the school. My daughter attended Warren Montessori, the sister school of Westridge, since she was a toddler until she graduated @ age 5. She is now in 2nd grade and she is well advanced than her peers in all subjects. Especially her reading/writing skills are at least couple of levels above her grade level.
Now that I have a 2nd child, I couldn't think of any other learning facility than Warren Montessori. And since the opening of the Westridge in McKinney, we had no reasons not to move my son to Westridge since we live closer to the school. Also, knowing that Ms. Sandra is the directory of the school, we know that my son will be well taken care of. Ms. Sandra was the primary teacher for my daughter for years @ Warren. The love that each individual teacher gives to the child is none comparable to other school.
We are also well pleased with the learning that the school provides. We know from our previous child that the school teaches the kids to be independent and to learn on their own. They teach the learning skills in every day life. Also, the school's commitment to traditional Montessori education is what keeps me at the school. The school puts the Montessori philosophy in practice. 
Although the school is new, I know that Westridge will provide the most excellent care and education for my son, as Warren did for my daughter.
Thanks for your love & care for our children. ”

- Angella Jung

"It was an easy decision sending my son to the Montessori Academy at Westridge. As a teacher, my standards are very high and I was looking for more than a "day care". The teachers not only care about my son, but they challenge him academically. He loves learning and Westridge does a wonderful job keeping him interested and motivated. From the family style meals the students eat, to the many different holiday traditions they celebrate it truly is a well rounded education. My son is very comfortable in the warm classroom environment and enjoys the outdoor playground. The staff is very friendly and we are treated like family instead of clients. I would recommend this school to anyone who was looking for a high quality, educational experience for your child."

- Brigitte

"To Montessori Academy of Westridge - We heard great things about your sister Montessori School in Frisco and decided to enroll our young daughter in the program in Frisco, although there were several Montessori schools that were much closer and convenient. We were excited that you were building a school near us (Montessori Academy at Westridge), however, were concerned about taking her out of the program that our daughter had become familiar and accustomed to. However, your staff at Westridge has held up the standards that your program leadership demands. We've experience other programs before yours and we have the luxury of witnessing marked growth with her relationship and cognitive skills. She even has "manners" before the age of two. As a parent, it’s not as easy to see incremental progress, but our friends and family notice marked improvement each time they see her. In addition, and most importantly, as working parents we know that our child is in a safe and nurturing environment while we are at work. Keep up great work!"

-Sincerely, Jim and Elizabeth, proud parents

As a first time parent, I was extremely anxious at the thought of leaving my infant daughter and going
back to work. As a teacher, not only is my expectation that my child will be loved and well taken care
of set extremely high, but also the expectation that my child's environment be stimulating and inviting
to learn. My husband & I toured several facilities before finding The Montessori Academy at Westridge.
I instantly felt a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Since the time our daughter was 8 weeks
old, our experience in the infant room at MAW was fabulous. Ms. Eileen and Ms. Jeniffer were so kind
and loving toward my daughter. I knew each day she was in their care that she would be loved and
nurtured. She is extremely comfortable their classroom, and is always happy to go to school. We really
appreciated the communication we received from Ms. Eileen & Ms. Jeniffer daily. It left no questions
as to how her day went, and what skills she was working on in the classroom, which we could then
reinforce at home!

Although our daughter is moving up to the pre-toddler room, we will forever be grateful for the love and
meticulous care that she received in the infant room. We honestly could not have asked for a better
experience, and we are excited to see all she will learn in the upcoming year!

-Rachel Bainbridge